No Bass But Balls

Tucson Arizona Kings No Bass But Balls Cover

(VÖ: 17. April 2020)

01. The King Is Dead
02. Leaving Home
03. She’s So Cute
04. Horses In The Mist
05. Rise
06. Dead Man’s Revenge
07. Tahiti
08. It’s The End Of The World
09. I’m Already Dead
10. Asshole
11. Panhandling Karma

34 minutes

No Bass But Balls
VÖ: 17. April 2020
LC05699 – Cat No: TAK0420
Label: Housemaster Records

The Kings:
Guitar/Vocals: Achim Horsinka
Drums: Frank Burger

Guitar, Vocals, Kazoo: Achim Horsinka
Drums, Percussion, Vocals: Frank Burger
Guitar, Bass, Reed Organ: Oliver Rüger
Pedal Steel, Moog, Vocals: Tobias Wehner
Clapping, Weary: Marvin “Wiggy Stardust“ Tomm

Recorded at Tonstudio Bieber
(Offenbach am Main / Germany)
13.-15. February 2020

Recorded by Oliver Rüger and Tobias Wehner
Assistant: Marvin “Wiggy Stardust“ Tomm
Mixed by Oliver Rüger
Mastered by Tom Ripphahn

Produced by Oliver Rüger

All songs written by Tucson Arizona Kings
Except “Rise” written by JoKaa
Except for the fragment of “Buffalo Soldier“ in “She‘s So Cute“ written by Bob Marley
Except “It´s The End Of The World” written by R.E.M.

Karma But Karma

01. Dead Man Behind The Wheel
02. God’s Apartment
03. Randy Newman
04. Coronation Day
05. The Sweet of Levels
06. The Man Who Admires
07. Junie
08. Disaster
09. Hollywood Gold
10. King Of Fools
11. The Night Will Fall (Keep The Noise Quiet)
12. Tahiti
13. Inertia Of Love

54 minutes

Karma But Karma
VÖ: 27. Juli 2018
LC02618 – Cat No: TAK0718
Label: Housemaster Records

Guitar/Vocals: Achim Horsinka
Bass: Andreas Lüttke
Drums: Frank Burger
Trumpet: Vincent Schemel

Kayleigh Franzel (Vocals)
Laura Schmidt (Vocals)
Horst Bickel (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Christian Moser (Lead Guitar)

Recorded at Woodway Studios
(Wiesbaden / Germany)
Recorded by Achim Horsinka & Andreas Lüttke
Mixed and Mastered by Markus Teske at Bazement Studios (Strinz-Trinitatis / Germany)

Produced by Markus Teske

All songs written by Achim Horsinka & Andreas Lüttke

Angel Kiss

01. Go To Hell
02. Eyes Like A Black Cat
03. Not Worth Buying
04. Boogie Royal
05. Good News Coming
06. Room Of Numbers
07. Snowpocalypse
08. New Year’s Resolution
09. The Old Pueblo
10. Angel Kiss
11. The Death Of The Comfortable Bohemian
12. Talll Woman
13. Birdhouse Song
14. Hearing Impaired Day
15. Voodoo Reloveology
16. Burn It Just Down Again

62 minutes

Angel Kiss
VÖ: 24. April 2015
LC02618 – Cat No: TAK0214
Label: 7us Music

Guitar/Vocals: Achim Horsinka
Bass: Andreas Lüttke
Drums: Marius Todor

Recorded at Bazement Studios
(Strinz-Trinitatis / Germany)
Recorded by Markus Teske and Christian Moser
Mixed and Mastered by Markus Teske

Produced by Markus Teske

All songs written by Achim Horsinka & Andreas Lüttke

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